Gerhard Lehrhuber - Aircraft Licensed Engineer

My Life, my challenge → Aircraft Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Now, with 30 years experience in Aircraft Maintenance, Overhaul and Troubleshooting, my dream gets fulfilled.

The beautiful Dreamliner are in my License, but I still love all my Aircraft I ‘am working for ☺

Here a short story of when it starts.

After my school time, I don’t know why but I began my apprenticeship as Aircraft Mechanic in the German Airforce. By chance (my mother found a phone number), I met Hans Schmid. He was working as inspector for LTS at Munich Airport Riem. He lived not far from my home. He told me something about the Boeing 757 on a meeting and I said: "I have to do this". Therefore, I sent an application to LTS, AeroLloyd and Lufthansa. AeroLloyd and LTS invited me to an Interview and I chose LTS.

I went through the normal live as Aircraft Mechanic on B757, B767 Locked L1011, later group leader, shift leader and I tucked my chance to get the German Inspector License II on both Boeing. Later we changed to JAR and converted the license to JAR66 B1 and C, also with A330. We had performed line and base maintenance, boroscope inspections, troubleshoot, fault rectification, release to service and so on.

15 Years later: it was a nice time with my colleagues, but in my mind I had to change and start anything else in Aviation Business for sure. Therefore, I resigned!

I took the opportunity at Frankfurt to bring up a JAR145 Company. Yes, it’s a lot of paperwork but also a lot of new experience. A half year later, I started again with maintenance as freelancer. Different companies and different countries around the world. Nice, but sometime hard life. 2004 I came back from Italy. By chance, I met an old friend from LTS at the Munich airport. Because of him, I took a job at Swiss International to phase out 5 MD80 Aircrafts and return them to Germania. It was a hard but nice job. Germania hired me to take care of the MD80 during the Heavy Maintenance and modification visit at MNG Istanbul. As supervisor and representative, I was responsible for everything. Modifications, Checks, CofA for Export Documentation, De- and redelivering of the MD’s …. Wonderful experiences. In addition, I received training on the Fokker 70/100 and worked on it as B1.

6 Years as Freelancer: with all the experiences, I had to return to Germany. Back to my wife and my kids. I was looking for a permanent job, a friend called me and so I applied at Lufthansa Munich and yes - I started 2006. This was followed by Training on A340, B777, Full Cat B2 training and License 2012.

End of 2012 my dream are fulfilled. I received the training on B787. Full B1, B2 and C Licensed with nearly 2 ½ years of experiences. Now, we’re back to the beginning of my story.

So you see… That’s my life.

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